People who insisted Barack Obama should stay out of Brexit debate loudly telling everyone to listen to Donald Trump

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The decision on whether the President of the United States should be listened to on issues relating to Brexit largely depends on whether they say things you agree with, according to new research conducted this morning.

As Donald Trump called the deal negotiated by Theresa May a ‘disaster’, many Brexiters have insisted this is very different to when Barack Obama spoke out against Brexit in 2016.

Simon Williams, a 45-year-old voter from Basingstoke, insisted that Barack Obama should ‘keep his nose out of Brexit’ back in 2016 adding that ‘Americans shouldn’t involve themselves in our sovereign democratic decisions’. However, he chose this morning to share several clips of Donald Trump claiming the Brexit deal is a disaster and that Theresa May needs to do something about it.

He explained, “Look, when I said the President needs to stay out of Brexit, I meant the American President that I disagreed with. The fact that he was brown is irrelevant. I’m not even sure he’s an American, to be honest.

“But this new President is saying things that I like and as such we should all be listening to him. I’m happy to admit that I was wrong, and that actually Americans should most definitely involve themselves in our sovereign democratic decisions.”

Government officials have reacted the Donald Trump’s latest outburst with a long sigh.

As one Whitehall insider told us, “Yes, the tango-toddler-in-chief has let his thoughts be known on our Brexit deal, which has surprised absolutely no-one.

“After all, if the deal we make with the EU means the US can’t privatise the NHS or flood our supermarkets with chlorinated chicken then what’s the bloody point?”