Next bushtucker trial on ‘I’m a Celebrity’ will see contestants try to swallow Theresa May’s Brexit deal

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As part of their next gruelling challenge, contestants on ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ must take in Theresa May’s Brexit deal without their bodies rejecting it.

Many of them have eaten kangaroo anuses and downed pints of blended fish eyes, but now the jungle celebrities must tackle their greatest trial yet – swallowing the prime minister’s final Brexit deal.

“Yes, it’s going to be hard for them to take in,” said producer Simon Williams. “But that’s the point.

“For the collective good of the camp, the contestants must accept the deal in its entirety, or go hungry – for the next fifty years.

“They can pick out the bits they like and only consume them. It has to be everything, we want to see empty plates.”

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Controversially, viewers will not be voting on who undertakes the challenge and therefore the public will have no say in whether or not the deal is accepted.

“At this stage of the show the UK audience just wants the challenge to be completed successfully,” said Simon.

“It really doesn’t matter if it’s Noel or Harry or whoever.”

Some people are questioning whether a group of hungry celebrities are really best placed to make a decision which will have such long-lasting social and economic consequences.

“Let’s face it,” said Simon, This could be the most rational, sensible thing about the whole Brexit process.”

However, not everyone agrees that this is the best approach.

“Can’t they just shag a pig or something?” asked ‘I’m a Celebrity’ fan, David Cameron. “That’s what we did in my day.”

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