German experiment on NASA’s InSight robot lays beach towel on surface of Mars

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An experiment created by Germany and placed onboard NASA’s InSight robot has put down a beach towel after the probe landed successfully on Mars.

InSight landed as planned this evening, carrying with it hundreds of millions of dollars in scientific experiments donated by some of the world’s leading scientific nations.

Ostensibly an experiment to check the temperature on Mars up to five metres below the surface, the German equipment made sure the first thing that happened on arrival at the Red planet was that the prime real estate was reserved for itself.

A NASA spokesperson explained, “Everything else was still unpacking and making sure everything had arrived in one piece when someone pointed out that the German experiment had already leapt into action.

“Hell, our own experiments are still calibrating and somehow the Germans managed to lay a towel perfectly in line with where the sun will be late in the morning and early afternoon.

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“I honestly don’t know what it’s doing, because there isn’t even a pool here; hell, we don’t even know for certain if there used to be a pool.

“Unless they know something we don’t?”

Scientists working on the Insight robot said that the technology required to perfectly lay a creaseless towel on the Martian surface would have taken years to develop.

As one said, “I mean, it’s laid perfectly. Bloody German engineers.”

When asked for comment, the team behind the German experiment simply told us, “You snooze, you lose.”

At the time of writing, the British experiment had picked up the towel and thrown it into the nearest ravine.