Defiant patriot Dominic Raab launches damning tirade against defeatist lickspittle Dominic Raab

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As Theresa May returns from Brussels to ask for support, the swashbuckling Brexiteer radical Dominic Raab of has once again taken to the airwaves to make a scathing attack on the terrible deal negotiated by lily-livered Brussels crony Dominic Raab.

In a Sky News interview, the former Brexit minister was adamant that the current departure agreement with the EU was utterly terrible and that he would negotiate a much better one than the one he just did.

He explained, “Whoever was the minister in charge of this agreement should be ashamed of himself, even if he is a sexually potent black belt in karate.

“I urge my fellow MPs to reject the deal I delivered and send me back to Brussels to sit those Eurocrats down and defeat them with all the brilliant arguments I somehow failed to make the first time.”

Mr Raab denied his resignation was simply an opportunistic move to become a potential party leader should Theresa May be ousted.

“Not at all. I genuinely believed the deal Dominic Raab spent months negotiating is utterly shit,” he went on.

“I could not in good conscience support the very thing I had helped create. I can only assure you that I will only support a deal I think has been negotiated by competent people. And this is not it.”

Dominic Raab has been seen as a potential Prime Minister ever since he confessed to not knowing that Britain was an island.

The statement is seen by many as his way to show the Brexit wing of the party that he shares their patriotic fervour and their jaw-dropping ignorance of basic realities.

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