Christmas Doctor Who will see team face challenge of returning Jacob Rees-Mogg to his own time

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Leaked footage has shown that the Christmas episode of Doctor Who will see the team face the challenge of returning Jacob Rees-Mogg to his own time.

The time-travelling Gallifrean and her companions will face one of their sternest tests, as attempts are made to discover how Rees-Mogg has found himself in modern Britain, but more importantly which evil force wants to keep him there.

Showrunner Chris Chibnall said, “I’ll be honest, we went backwards and forwards quite a bit on the plot, because having Jacob Rees-Mogg placed in parliament by a malevolent time-travelling alien seemed a bit obvious.  We didn’t want our viewers watching and going ‘Well duh!’.

“But I think we’ve come up with something that will surprise and delight even the most ardent Whovian.”

However, fans of the show have been left underwhelmed by the leak, with one telling us, “Oh, the Doctor will do battle with an anachronistic trouble-maker? Well, they’ve never done that before, have they.

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“Let me guess; the Doctor gets Rees-Mogg back to his original home in 1830’s London just in time to avoid the disaster of Brexit? You Remoaners are all so bloody predictable.”

However, other fans were interested to see where the Tardis might take them, with one telling us, “Well, it’s a bit formulaic, but if they can put Jacob Rees-Mogg back in his own time maybe it will turn out he was actually the inspiration for a young Charles Dickens to create Oliver Twist’s Mr Bumble?

“Or maybe he’ll be fired into the vacuum of space until his blood boils? I’d be happy with either.”

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