Pudsey declared fit for work by DWP as he can still use his other eye

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The DWP have told loveable bear Pudsey that he should go and find work instead of receiving handouts, on account of the fact he is not fully blind.

The big cuddly bear, who has been the mascot for Children In Need in a voluntary capacity since 1985, has been left stunned by the ruling and now faces an uncertain future.

“I have always relied on the generosity of others to survive, and in return, I have fronted fundraising activities for Children In Need over the last three decades,” he told us this morning.

“But I received a call from my local DWP this morning, of all days, telling me that following my recent assessment apparently losing the sight in one eye is not bad enough to prevent me getting full-time employment and that all my benefits will be withdrawn with immediate effect.

“I now have no choice but to go back to my previous employment of being a bouncer at Wetherspoons, which is how I lost my right eye in the first place.”

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Though the move has angered many members of the public, the DWP has defended the decision as being in line with their official policy.

A spokesperson for the DWP confirmed, “Pudsey has been taking the piss for years and it is time for that to come to an end. Anyone watching Children In Need can plainly see him jumping around, waving his arms and hugging kids.

“If he can hold a giant charity cheque then he can get back to work, the scrounger.”

You can donate to Children in need HERE