Dominic Raab resigns after admitting that Theresa May has ‘failed’ in the job he was supposed to be doing

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Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has resigned from the cabinet after claiming that Theresa May hasn’t done a good enough job with the Brexit deal that he was responsible for negotiating.

Raab explained his resignation by saying that Theresa May had done a poor job of negotiating the terms of the Brexit deal, even though he was actually responsible for negotiating it.

Raab told reporters, “I didn’t lead all those negotiating meetings with the EU, over many many months, doing my best to get a great deal for the UK only to sit here and take part of the blame when the deal is shown to be pretty crap.

“What we need is a leader who can get the best deal possible – someone who can sit in the room with the EU and tell them what we want, and get it – no, not like when I tried to do that, I mean someone better. Someone who can actually get it done.”

Cabinet colleagues have backed Raab’s resignation, saying it’s a wise move to get clear of a sinking ship before he is tarnished with doing a crap job of negotiating the Brexit deal.

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An unnamed source in Whitehall told us, “As part of the Vote Leave campaign, Dominic promised a plethora of unachievable benefits from leaving the EU. But he has also sat in the negotiating room for several months slowly learning that those promises are impossible to keep.

“His only option now is to resign, and hope the people stick to blaming Theresa May for not keeping the promises that he made.

“It certainly seems to have worked for Boris.”

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