Daily Mail criticises BBC for undermining Christian values as Dr Who special moved to New Year

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The true meaning of Christmas – Doctor Who – has been lost due to the PC brigade at the BBC, according to the Daily Mail.

The news that this year’s Doctor Who ‘Christmas’ special won’t actually be shown on the big day itself has met with criticism from the idiots at the Daily Mail.

“This is the final straw,” said Daily Mail editor Simon Williams.

“I can just about accept the Doctor being a woman – I see that it’s a metaphor for how God is present in all of us, even the weaker sex. It is a bit heavy-handed but okay, I get it.

“However, Doctor Who at teatime on Christmas Day has been one of the fundamental Christian traditions for thousands of years. It’s yet another example of how the BBC is undermining our very way of life.

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“How are we supposed to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the First Doctor, without an episode on the 25th December?

“It’s the bloody BBC pandering to the heretics who believe that Doctor Who is just a silly TV show that was created in the 1960s.

“What the hell is going to be shown instead? Doctor Muslim? The Benefits Adventures of Mrs Wheelchair? Something written by lesbians no doubt. And at a time when children will be watching. It’s disgusting.”

A statement from the BBC said, “We’ve moved the show to New Year’s Day because that’s actually when the television audience is at its highest.

“We apologise if our schedules appear to be attempting to reflect the diverse population of licence fee payers and would like to make absolutely clear that this is not the case.”

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