“No deal is better than a bad deal but please agree to this bad deal so we can have a deal” pleads May

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Theresa May still thinks no deal is better than a bad deal but would quite like us all to crack on with this bad deal anyway, according to reports this afternoon.

The Prime Minister’s Brexit deal has been described as “a halfway house”, “not good enough” and “shit”, depending on which cabinet minister you ask.

“For clarification, none of those descriptors are synonyms for ‘good’,” confirmed Conservative MP, Simon Williams.

“I distinctly remember all of us agreeing that we would walk away without the right deal, and now we’ve got a deal that’s not right and we all have to vote for it.

“I am befuddled to fuck, as the youngsters say.”

A spokesperson for Number Ten said, “The Prime Minister’s position remains as clear as it ever was.

“No deal is better than a bad deal and while this is not a good deal it is the best deal so you’d better vote for this deal otherwise we’d be left with no deal, which would be worse than a deal.

“Now go and vote for it.”

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