Shock as Toy Story 4 trailer hints at introduction of sex toy character

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Fans of the Toy Story franchise have been left stunned today after it was revealed that the next instalment will include a new character in the form of a sex toy evidently belonging to Andy’s mother.

A teaser trailer for Toy Story 4 was released yesterday, with keen-eyed viewers noting an unusual addition to the cast in the shape of a CGI 12-inch long vibrator.

The character, who it is understood will be called ‘Vibey’, will add a mature element to the popular children’s franchise for the benefit of the adults, and will be voiced by Adam Sandler.

Senior producer Simon Williams told us, “Yes, it is true that we have added a sex toy belonging to Mrs Davis to the loveable cast that viewers know and love. After all, the children who enjoyed the original Toy Story are now into their thirties, so we wanted to include something for them.

“Vibey, which is, of course, short for the ‘MeatHammerOrgasmatron3000 Vibrator’ product that mothers across the world know and love, will come with his own backstory about how he escaped a terrifying and unpredictable existence in Andy’s mother’s knicker drawer to seek freedom with all the other toys.

“It’s actually quite a heartwarming plot which will delight children and adults alike.”

Toy Story fan Eleanor Gay responded, “Finally, a cast member I can care about.

“I just hope there is a scene early on in which Vibey gets disinfected before interacting with the other toys – I wouldn’t want the kids to be traumatised.”