Number of paedophiles exposed by Tommy Robinson remains steady at zero

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Tommy Robinson still hasn’t actually brought any paedophiles to trial, according to new research today.

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon is touted by his supporters as being a hero for “exposing” Muslim paedophiles and saving the cuntree.

However, evidence for any such helpfulness in bringing criminals to justice seems to be lacking in any kind of official record.

“That’s because of the conspiracy to keep Tommy down and stop him getting all the credit he deserves. Tommy Yaxley-Stevens is a great man,” said supporter, Simon Williams.

“He has exposed many, many Muslim paedophile gangs, too numerous to mention here, but you can go and look for yourself. The evidence is out there if you’re willing to open your mind and look for it.”

Huddersfield Police spokesperson, Hayley Rice, said, “Yeah…no it most definitely isn’t.

“Yes, Steven Robinson has turned up to a few child abuse trials to basically bang on the van and endanger the whole process from a legal perspective, but that’s very different to actually exposing a child molestation ring. That’s not how it works, and that doesn’t make you the ‘hero’.

“I turned up to watch the last Batman movie but that doesn’t mean I saved Gotham City.

“Yes, the police forces across the country are experiencing unprecedented cuts, but we are not yet so desperate as to require the services of Tommy Yaxley-Robinson-Stevens and his camera phone.

“That’s not to say he’s never been helpful to the nation’s justice system. I know the courts were pleased when he turned up to court on time for each of his numerous criminal convictions.”