Couple who named child Farage Rees-Mogg face jail

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A couple with extreme beliefs face jail after it was revealed they had named their child Farage Rees-Mogg.

The couple, Simon Williams and wife Simone, will be sentenced after a court found them guilty of being ‘just awful’.

“The couple obviously harbours some seriously sick beliefs,” said court official Eleanor Gay.

“I mean, some of their testimony would make your hair curl.

“They believe Brexit will be a roaring success, they think we ‘should just get on with it,’ they believe immigration is Britain’s biggest problem.

“Really stupid, offensive stuff that most of us thought no longer existed in our modern society.”

However, the most troubling aspect of their case involved a child who was born at the end of last year.

Christened ‘Farage Rees-Mogg Williams,’ the child is now one year old and faces a lifetime of ridicule and ignominy for its parents’ vile beliefs.

“I find it extraordinary that any parents could be this cruel to one of their own progeny,” continued Ms Gay.

“I mean, Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees-Mogg will certainly, in years to come, go on to become some of the most reviled figures in British history.

“It just makes me want to go home and hug my kids, to be honest.

“It’s an absolutely chilling case.”

The couple’s sentencing will take place next week when it is expected they will receive a significant custodial sentence without the prospect of an early release.

In a similar case, a couple who named their child ‘Boris’ are expected to receive life.