We didn’t like British Airways anyway, insist Brexiters

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After learning that British Airways has asked Spanish authorities to be reclassified as a Spanish company after Brexit, many Brexiters have insisted that they didn’t really like the airline anyway.

International Consolidated Airlines Group, which owns British Airways, has begun talks with Spanish authorities, hoping to ensure the company’s lucrative presence in the EU after Brexit.

Brexiter Simon Williams said he wasn’t bothered by the news, insisting British Airways never felt like a proper British company anyway.

He explained, “They hardly spend any time here, their planes are always off galivanting around the world, rather than staying on these shores like any true patriot would.”

When reminded that his hero, Margaret Thatcher, held the firm in such high esteem that she was furious when they took the Union flag from the fleet’s tails, he insisted Thatcher would agree with him.

“Just because Maggie lost her shit when the airline removed the British flag from the tails of its fleet doesn’t mean she actually liked them, or that she thought of them as properly British. She was just angry all the time because of the communists.

“If she were alive today she would be quite happy seeing British Airways sod off to Madrid as long as we all get blue passports.

“Shut up, yes she would.”

When it was pointed out to Williams that British Airways is just the latest in a long line of major companies withdrawing business and operations from the UK to protect themselves against the negative effects of Brexit, he accused us of taking part in Project Fear.

He concluded, “We don’t need British Airways, not while we can rely on patriotic British airlines like Ryanair.”

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