Jeremy Corbyn criticised for attending Remembrance Day service in his pyjamas

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The disrespectful leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn has shown his disdain for the nation’s brave heroes by attending Sunday’s Remembrance Day service at the Cenotaph in his pyjamas.

Corbyn attended the service as if he had just got out of bed, leading to rising fury amongst patriots across this great nation of ours.

Simon Williams told us, “It’s just typical of this lefty communist to show disrespect to our brave men and women.

“He probably did a poo on the cenotaph when the cameras weren’t looking – that’s what these leftists are like.

“I mean, yeah, he was there, and laid a wreath and everything – including the whole bowing thing that everyone went mental over last time – but look what he was WEARING!

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“I wouldn’t be seen dead in my pyjamas – unless I die in my sleep, obviously.”

A spokesperson for Jeremy Corbyn said the furore over his choice of attire was typical of the mainstream media focussing on looks over substance.

They told us, “Jeremy is a man of the people, and most people wear their pyjamas until quite late on a Sunday.

“The mainstream media will get themselves into an awful tizz about his pyjamas, but none of them will acknowledge that millions of hardworking Brits will have been watching at home in exactly the same outfit.

“It’s blatant snobbery from the media elite, and the people won’t stand for it.”

Jeremy fan Sharon Matthews told us, “I thought he looked rather dashing.  Though I wouldn’t have been offended if he’d given them a quick press.”

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