Theresa May hit by colossal metaphor as she is involved in car crash in Belgium

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Theresa May has been hit by a gigantic metaphor whilst travelling along what she had been told by advisors would be an easy road through Europe.

In a turn of events which has led to many people nodding their heads at how appropriate it all is, ‘the easiest road in Europe’ proved rather more troublesome to navigate than she – or frankly the entire country – had been told it would be by senior members of her party.

May, who undertook the trip despite it being the idea of someone else who had long since made themselves scarce, was unharmed in the car-crash – which is more than can be said for her career.

A variety of explanations were offered for the car-crash, ranging from there being nothing in the tank, to listening to plausible shysters who tell you things will be easy whilst not proposing to do any of the driving themselves, to the chief engineers fucking off and dumping the whole thing on someone else at the first sign of  any difficulty.

Reports from the scene suggest that wheels may have come off entirely, but it’s uncertain what they’re referring to.

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