David Beckham refusing to give up hope that Victoria will join Spice Girls on tour

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The Spice Girls will reform in 2019 for a stadium tour of the UK and David Beckham is still holding out hope that his wife will join them.

With Victoria refusing to commit to being away from her family for what could be a couple of months including rehearsal time, her husband has said he would support her 100% if she changed her mind. 120% even.

The former footballer told us, “Of course I would miss her, I would miss her terribly. But you know, if she were to be on another continent for a few months then I’m sure we would cope here in the Miami sunshine without her.

“It would be a daily struggle, but if the fans demand she be part of the reunion – and they are demanding she be part of it, right? – then who am I to stand in the way of her artistic endeavours.”

Beckham went on to say he would find creative ways to fill his days if his wife wasn’t at home.

“Oh, I’d take a class or something. I’d find a way to keep my mind off the fact that my wife was on the other side of the world, definitely.

“And you know, if that UK tour was successful and turned into a world tour that kept her away for a couple of years like the Rolling Stones, then she needn’t worry, I’d back that decision without a moment’s hesitation.”

When asked about her husbands support, Victoria said, “He can hope all he likes, I’m not letting him out of my sight.”