Man who says ‘The media aren’t reporting it!’ didn’t actually bother looking

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A man furiously posting that the media aren’t reporting something didn’t actually spend the ten seconds on Google it would have taken for him to find out that his assertion isn’t true.

According to reports, angry poster ‘SiWils51’ is outraged about the disinterest shown by ‘the mainstream media’ in one of his favourite hobbyhorses, largely because it has not come up in his feed this morning and he lacks the wit or talent to use Google to check before losing his shit.

Sources close to the scene have suggested that maybe Google just doesn’t work in his house, but that seems unlikely.

“It’s just not right, is it, the way they ignore the really important stories?”, he angrily bashed into his keyboard without making any effort whatsoever to check it wasn’t he who was ignoring the important story.

“Maybe the liberal media is trying to control how we all think,” he added, serenely unaware that the story had been extensively covered online, in print and on television, and the failing was his and nobody else’s.

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“We should have a proper media that does their job and reports the truth,” he concluded, apparently in the belief that it is now a reporter’s job to come round and use a search engine for him so that he can read things that have been there all along.

If shown the media are reporting it, SiWils51 is not expected to graciously acknowledge he was wrong but instead to shift his anger to how they’re not reporting it forcefully enough for his tastes.