Green poppies on sale to honour memory of plants lost during war

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This week new green-coloured poppies will go on sale to remember the trees and flowers that were killed during wartime.

In a further twist to the debate on what colour poppy people should wear, a green-coloured option has been thrown into the mix. It is designed to remember the acres of vegetation that get destroyed during armed conflict.

Environmental campaigner Simon Williams explained his position, telling us, “Have you seen photos of Flanders at the end of the Great War? Beautiful green fields reduced to blackened mud. A literal scorched earth.

“We’re very good at remembering what people do to each other during war but what about the things we do to the environment?

“If there are purple poppies to remember the animals who gave their lives in military service then why not have green ones to honour the plants?

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“Trees and grass do not sign up to fight. They have no vested interest in the outcome of war. They are the forgotten innocents of all military campaigns. Their homes are invaded, their families are killed and yet people only seem to care about the human loss.”

Other colours are expected to go on sale as people further distract from the actual point of Remembrance Day by trying to highlight the wartime suffering of various other groups.

“Did you know that Tommies would often have non-consensual sex with tins of earthworms in the trenches?” asked Will Jones, founder of Worm Rights.

“And people only seem to worry about these barbaric teenagers needlessly losing their lives.

“A Kickstarter campaign is now live for us to manufacture pink poppies and brings people’s attention to such heinous acts.”