Democracy under threat from more democracy, insists Brexiter

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Brexit supporters across the country have today responded to the march for a People’s Vote in London by insisting that democracy will be subverted if we insist on giving people more democracy.

With over a hundred thousand people expected to attend the march, many Brexit voters have expressed concern that democracy itself is in danger if people insist on the nation being more democratic.

Vote Leave campaigner Simon Williams told us, “There is such a thing as too much democracy, and that line is drawn when I get what I want. After that point, any further democracy is merely muddying the waters.

“Democracy is about the people deciding the direction of the country, and when they have spoken, democracy dictates that you keep heading in that direction regardless of what happens next.

“It matters not what dangers appear in the road before you. Or that you’re now on a unicycle instead of the Ferrari you thought you were going to be driving. You keep going. And you never, ever ask them for directions ever again.”

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Surprisingly, many Remain supporters have admitted some sympathy for those opposed to a People’s vote.

As one explained, “Look, I think leaving the EU is a mistake, and I think the facts back up that assertion. But, if the people still want to leave the EU when there is an actual Brexit deal on the table for them to evaluate, then so be it. We leave with that deal.

“I genuinely don’t know why so many Leave campaigners are so scared of another vote – if no one has changed their mind about leaving the EU then the result it’s a foregone conclusion anyway.

“But if they have changed their mind, then surely it’s democratically right that we listen to them?”

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