Roseanne disappointed at decision the kill off character with opioids and not fatal liberal political correctness

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Ex-comedian Roseanne Barr has spoken of her disappointment that writers chose to highlight the biggest medical crisis in America by having her character die of an opioid overdose.

She went on to claim that it should have been the namby-pamby, do-gooder, liberal politically correct climate of the Obama years that caused her character’s death.

“Opioids isn’t a problem amongst the white working class of this country,” she claimed.

“And if it is, it’s because of Obama and not having enough guns.”

She then went on to explain how her character should have been written out.

She told reporters, “Political correctness. That’s what’s really killing people in this country. She should have just been sitting there not being able to talk about the blacks or the Muslim terrorists or all people on welfare and she just dies. Dies of liberal political correctness.”

She then went on to claim that President Trump was a great man and that when he repeals the civil rights act the USA would return to the days of being a leading Aryan superpower amongst the mongrel nations.

She then immediately apologised, claimed it was a joke and asked if she could possibly have her job back… please?