Dominic Raab’s new restaurant ‘The Meaningful Choice’ allows patrons to eat the one dish they’re offered, or go home

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Brexit secretary Dominic Raab has opened a new restaurant called ‘The Meaningful Choice’ where guests will be given the option of eating the one thing his staff have prepared, or going home hungry.

The new venture was launched last week after locals had insisted there was a lack of choice for people wanting to go out for dinner.

“The people have spoken, and I have delivered precisely what they asked for,” explained Raab on opening night.

“The people said they wanted to go out, and here I am giving them precisely that.”

However, some critics have said the customer experience is a long way from what was promised when the restaurant was originally announced.

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“I think it’s fair to say that people expected more than just one choice,” explained restaurant critic Simon Williams.

“Maybe a menu? Or the option the decide on what they actually eat after reviewing said menu?”

“That is an unfair criticism, there is clearly more than one choice,” explained Raab, “there is the choice of the dish we’ve made, and the choice to reject it, leave and go home hungry.

“Some people will no doubt say this is a long way from a meaningful choice, but that is fake news.  You can choose to eat, or you can choose not to eat – choices do not get more meaningful than that.

“What’s tonight’s special? I’m glad you asked, it’s a dogshit sandwich, and now you’ve asked you have no choice but to tuck in.”

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