Brexit transition period to be extended until all Leave voters have died

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Britain’s Brexit transition period could be extended until the end of 2021, or possibly until all those who provided a voted leave majority have died anyway.

The UK had been due to leave the union on 29 March 2019, but due to the realities of withdrawing from such a complex union clearly being a lot more difficult than ticking a yes/no box on a daft, over-simplified referendum ballot paper, it has been decided that maybe stalling indefinitely is the best plan of action.

Theresa May, who is technically the British Prime Minister, and who herself voted to remain in the union, spoke to her 27 EU counterparts yesterday and it was agreed that they would all ‘keep talking’, although there was no mention of exactly how long this could go on for.

Political analyst Christopher James explained, “This could possibly be the first politically shrewd move we’ve seen from Theresa May since, well, ever I suppose.

“She clearly wants to stay in the EU – you can tell from the cold, haunted look in her eyes whenever she tries to talk up the benefits of Brexit that every time she does so a little bit of her dies inside.

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“So with every passing day that the negotiations and then the transition period is delayed, hundreds of people who voted leave will be popping their clogs left right and centre – especially if we have a cold winter this year.

“Before you know where we are then the majority of the public who are alive will have voted remain and will be happy to call the whole thing off.”

He added, “If they all maintain the sort of lifestyle advocated by Nigel Farage then the swing in remain’s favour could happen as soon as next week.”

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