The Piers Morgan Guide to Masculinity set to be a Christmas Bestseller

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The viral marketing campaign for Piers Morgan’s new guide to masculinity looks set to ensure the book tops the bestseller charts this Christmas.

As Piers Morgan trended on Twitter for describing the way James Bond carries his daughter as ’emasculating’, bookmakers are refusing to take money on his latest tome being a huge hit.

Fan of Morgan Simon Williams told us, “Masculinity is under threat, and it’s about time someone wrote a book about how to be properly masculine. I’m delighted Piers has stepped up to the plate to deliver such a guide.

“Who better to tell me what masculinity really means than a middle-aged man with a corporate paunch and the pallor of a chronic gout sufferer.

“Part of me wanted to be a real man like the guys who play Captain America and James Bond, but then Piers Morgan pointed out that he knows what a real masculinity means, and now I can only dream of oozing the rugged ‘sofa-softness’ that Piers so effortlessly displays on television.

“To the untrained eye, it might look like he’s a bit overweight, thinning of hair, and bereft of originality – but as he explains in the book, this is what makes a real man.

“Real men have wobbly jowls and let the women carry the children, they don’t have six-packs, square jaws and effortlessly carry their babies in a chest harness.

“And if you think this is spot on, wait until you read the chapter called ‘Being Right: How To Talk Over Women Until They Quiet Down’.”