Chris Packham to present Hallowe’en Gothwatch for the BBC

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Every year, huge flocks of goths return to their mating grounds in Whitby – and the BBC wildlife team will be there to see it happen.

The migratory goth – Gothius Morbidius, to give it the correct Latin name – returns twice a year to engage in complex social rituals including drinking Cider & Black and parading their fine black-on-black plumage along the front.

“There are a lot of different species of Goth, which many people aren’t actually aware of,” Packham told us from his hide where he was watching a mated pair feeding their hungry offspring morsels of The Damned.

“For example, there’s the Ubergoth, which attempts to establish pack dominance by looking down on anything which isn’t a limited edition vinyl from 1981, the Mopeygoth, whose haunting cry of ‘Pete Murphy!’ can be heard echoing about the town in the early hours, and the Perkygoth which is the only species known to smile.

“And then there’s the Steampunk, which isn’t really a sort of goth at all.”

Producers of the special are hoping to see the rare Goth mating dance of ‘two steps forwards, two steps back, change the lightbulb sweep the floor’.

If successful it will be the first time this has been captured on film since 1982 when Siouxsie Sioux threatened to smack the cameraman and he hasn’t dared try since.

If the special is a success, the BBC hopes to produce EmoWatch later in the year – assuming they can coax any of the last three remaining emos out of their bedroom.

(Credit: NewsThump’s Gloom consultant, The Blogging Goth)