Paul Hollywood hoping to slip in a cheeky sausage during Bake Off’s vegan episode

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According to Bake Off insiders, Paul Hollywood might be putting some meat into somewhere it shouldn’t be, as usual.

With the challenges on tonight’s episode of the Great British Bake Off having to fit the vegan brief and remain meat-free, producers have expressed concern that judge and gruff love machine Paul may try one of his old tricks, the rascal.

“When we announced that there was to be a vegan week, you should have seen the look of utter contempt on Paul’s face,” explained producer Simon Williams.

“It was like we’d suggested that the moon was made of cheese, or that ending your marriage for a barmaid half your age is a pathetic tired cliche or something.

“So we’re fully expecting him to squeeze some meat into somewhere he shouldn’t be, on the sly, and after he’s done that maybe even add some meat to one of the contestants’ vegan recipes.”

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Fixing reporters with his fierce blue-eyed glare, gruff northerner Paul Hollywood countered, “Look, a pie isn’t a pie unless it’s got meat in it.

“And good quality, barrel-chested, motorbike riding meat can’t be limited to just one pie, either.”