New Doctor Who slammed as ‘unrealistic’ after showing working train between Sheffield and Manchester

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Fans of Doctor Who have criticised the show as being ‘completely unbelievable’ after the first episode introduced a train between Sheffield and Manchester that had intact seats and didn’t smell of sick.

Fan Simon Williams, 52, was appalled when he realised the show would be introducing Northern trains to a tea-time audience who might be too young to be able to deal with the content.

“I’m from Stockport so I know, from terrifying first-hand experience, what those trains are like and the whole idea is too horrific for what is supposed to be a children’s programme,” he told us.

“I had to tell my kids to go and hide behind the settee until it was over in case they were scarred for life.

“But then the programme showed the train as a pleasant environment where you don’t have to worry about what the stuff on the floor is, and nobody was carving their initials into the panelling – or another passenger for that matter.

“At no point did any of the characters go to sit down, look at what was on the seat, and recoil in disgust”, he added.

“I know it’s supposed to be science fiction and make-believe, but how was anyone supposed to swallow that nonsense for one moment?

“In the good old days of Tom Baker the episode would have ended on a cliffhanger, with someone opening the toilet door and then screaming when they saw what was inside as the titles rolled.”

The BBC has apologised for not warning viewers in advance, but promised nothing in the new series would be as terrifying as getting the last train from Manchester Piccadilly to Meadowhall.