Cunning customer outwits supermarket’s stock rotation plan by choosing product at the back of the shelf

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A cunning customer has completely outwitted sly supermarket operatives by choosing his product from the back of the shelf, rather than the easiest to reach one at the front.

Simon Williams, 35, stuck it to the man by choosing a yoghurt that is due to last two weeks longer than the one supermarket executives had tempted him with by making it the easiest one to reach.

However, Williams, was able to see through their deceitful tactics and has urged fellow shoppers to do the same.

He explained, “I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but they run this scam on their loyal customers called ‘stock rotation’.

“It means that they take the produce that will last the longest and put it where you can’t even see it – right at the back – hoping you’ll take the garbage at the front that goes out of date in a couple of hours, like you’re some easily distracted simpleton.

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“But not me. I know their game. They won’t be ripping me off any more, I am wise to them and their tricks.”

Williams went on to advise customers that they should be on the lookout for duplicitous supermarket tactics on all aisles, not just those with the fresh produce.

He went on, “It’s not just the fresh stuff you know. They’re doing this all over the place.

He showed us his shopping basket before adding, “Look. For example, these dried herbs I’ve got don’t go out of date until June 2021, whereas the ones they had at the front will perish in February 2020. That’s a whole extra year! Do they think I’m a sucker?

“Who are they trying to kid? Not me, that’s for sure!”