Brett Kavanaugh installs bar with smoking-hot barmaids in Supreme Court office

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Newly installed Supreme Court Justice and minion of Satan Brett Kavanaugh has immediately moved to install a bar with smoking-hot barmaids in his new office.

The bar will mainly stock beer, with some spirits available, and the barmaids will wear crop tops and hot pants and will keep it to themselves if they get the odd smack on the ass.

“I am honoured to be sworn onto the Supreme Court,” shouted the US legal sex-pest of the year 1988.

“The first order of business is to install a comprehensive bar in my office so my buds can kick back with some ice cold brewskis.

“I got some hot chicks behind the bar and, you know, we’ll probably have some bikini beach parties and wet t-shirt nights.

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“Obviously, they’ve all signed waivers stating they cannot prosecute anyone for sexual assault which I’m sure won’t be needed and if anyone says different then I’ll shout at them until they go away.”

The bar will open at 11 in the morning to serve hair-of-the-dog Bloody Marys and will stay open all throughout the long, late sessions of the Supreme Court.

Major sporting events will be screened in the bar and there is a Pac-man machine in one corner for those wantings relive their halcyon High School days.

Fellow Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the first of his fellow Justices to join Justice Kavanaugh at his new bar where she was forced to watch him down six beers in quick succession and waggle his penis in her face.