America turns corner as privileged white man finally given benefit of the doubt

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The United States of America appears to have turned the corner after a middle-class white man was given the benefit of the doubt allowing him to get a new job.

Privileged white men from middle-class backgrounds have often faced adversity in America, but the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh indicates that they might, finally, be about to get a break.

American sociologist Chuck Williams told us, “If you’re a white man in America, born into money and privilege, it’s highly likely that your career prospects were previously limited at something like becoming the President – but knowing that the Supreme Court is also now a possibility is hugely encouraging to all young white men from comfortable backgrounds.

“White men have had it extremely hard in America, but Kavanaugh’s appointment is truly representative of the progress we have made as a nation, under our latest President, in recognising the potential of white men.

Williams went on to remind people that until recently, Kavanaugh might not have been given the benefit of the doubt.

He explained, “There was a time when accusations of impropriety such as those faced by Brett Kavanaugh might have led to someone like our President taking out a full-page advert calling for the death penalty for those accused – but today, that same man is happy to spend time and money helping you get a great job – well – if you’re also white, middle-class, and male, obviously.  And that’s a hugely positive change.

“Accusation does not equal guilt, and it’s important to remember that.  Unless you’re a black teenager, obviously.

“Just because a white person is accused of a crime, doesn’t mean they should be stopped from getting an incredibly lucrative job for life – and finally America is waking up to that fact.”