BBC Question Time under fire as white man openly mocked just for being an offensive moron

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The BBC’s flagship political show Question Time, where a selected panel sits impassively as unhealthy-looking men shout at them, caused a furore last night when a black panellist and a Muslim woman rudely told a white man that he wasn’t the best person to say how racist the UK is.

It is understood Ofcom has received several formal complaints and has asked the BBC to explain why a pig-ignorant blowhard was cruelly prevented from continuing his rant.

Simon Williams, a senior producer of the show, made a statement to the press in an effort to mitigate some of the damage.

He explained, “We at Question Time are proud of our great track record. For several years we have provided a safe haven to red-faced bigots so that they can angrily tell a Shadow Fisheries Secretary that people speak Polish at the bus stop.

“However, accidents do happen and, occasionally, someone with a grounded perspective and no symptoms of gout manages to sneak in.

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“Last night, a subcontracted mic operator mistakenly allowed a member of a minority group to respond to a run-of-the-mill comment that there is no racism in the UK because a white man had never experienced it.

“We have taken steps to prevent such incidents. I can assure you we will return to our normal service of prejudiced cretins being egged on by a tabloid hack while the people who run the country contain the urge to tell audience members they are fuckwits who deserve all the misery they get.”