Girlfriend quite wants to go and see that film with Lady Gaga in it

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Your girlfriend wants to go and watch Lady Gaga do some acting.

The pop star features alongside “that good-looking one from off of that A-Team movie that you liked and which I thought was kind-of ok.”

Your girlfriend said, “It’s called Star Time, or Rise of A Star… I’m not sure, but the word ‘star’ is definitely in there somewhere. It definitely isn’t Star Wars though, which makes a bloody change.

We should go and see it I reckon. We’ve got those vouchers to use.”

Your mate, Simon Williams, said, “Mate, don’t do it.

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“Nothing happens. Bradley Cooper gets drunk quite a lot and that’s the most fun thing in it. Nobody gets shot, there’s no car crashes and the only bird in it is Lady Gaga and frankly…no.

“I mean she’s quite good at acting, I guess, and she can definitely bang out a tune – no arguments there – but that’s not why men watch women in the cinema. Everyone knows that.

“See if your girl will settle for a trip to Pizza Express instead.”

Your girlfriend said, “Ooh, Pizza Express!”