Kanye changes name to “Ye” but public will continue calling him “That Fuckwit”

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That fuckwit is at it again.

Kanye has changed his name but that’s not going to make a difference to what people might yell at him in the street.

”He’s calling himself “Ye”? That fuckwit,” confirmed normal person with standards, Simon Williams.

”I’m not going to be calling him ‘Ye’, I’ll be referring to him as ‘that fuckwit’ as I always have done. If he really wanted to endear himself to good people – i.e. me – then he should have changed his name to ‘that fuckwit’.”

Music fan, Hayley Rice, said, “I think we should give him a break, to be honest.

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“That fuckwit has produced some objectively great music over the years and if he wants to change his name to the thing you shout when the bath is too hot, that’s his business.”

A spokesperson for Ye West, as he’s now known, said, “That fuckwit is excited about this brave new dawn that is Ye West, as his wife Kim Kardashian or, she will now be known, “Ki” or, as you all refer to her, ‘that twat’.”

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