“MOTHS!” says Facebook

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Facebook is now 80% moths, according to reports today.

The popular social media platform used to be a place where people would share photos of their cats, their food, and make vague aggressive statuses along the lines of “some people need to grow the FUCK up around here!!!!”.

“Yeah, but I’m into moths now,” declared Facebook user, Simon Williams, who was previously into car-slapping memes, minion memes, be-like-bill memes and a variety of other Internet trends that wore themselves out in a matter of hours.

“HA! Look at this meme. It suggests that moths are really into lights in a darkened space. Brilliant. I’m sharing that one. That one’s worth my share.

“What? I’ve always thought moths were funny! Look at them, all ugly and into lights and stuff. HA!”

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Simon’s mother said, “Yeah, he’s pretty dull.”

“He doesn’t really have a personality as such, he just copies internet buzzwords and repeats them like he’s some sort of original comic genius.

“He says ‘I can’t even’ to the extent that I don’t think he knows what it means anymore.

“This moth phase will go away when the Internet tells him it should. It’ll be fine.”

“MOTHS!” concluded Simon.