Parents of head teachers facing fine for them missing a day at school

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Headteachers’ parent will soon be receiving a fine from the school for them taking an unauthorised day’s holiday to march at a Downing Street rally.

Headteacher, Simone Williams, said, “We, as head teachers feel we must march on the government to demand extra funding for our schools.

“It is important our feelings are made clear, not only about the atrocious funding levels but also about overcrowded classrooms and challenging working conditions.”

However, Mrs Williams also found it necessary to chastise herself, “In addition, we head teachers feel it inappropriate that head teachers take time out of the school year to march on Downing Street.

“Why we couldn’t do this at the weekend, or in the school holidays, is anyone’s guess. Yes, I know the train tickets during the school day are cheaper, but that’s just supply and demand.

“Therefore, each of our parents will be receiving the statutory fine from the school for the unauthorised absences we have taken.

“I have apologised to my mum and dad, who have rightly grounded me for a week.”