In all my time as a judge, no guilty person ever said “it wasn’t me” so just confirm me already, insists Brett Kavanaugh

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Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has insisted he is innocent of sexually assaulting Dr Christine Blasey Ford, because people are guilty don’t give evidence saying they didn’t do it while under oath.

After facing Senate judiciary committee yesterday, Kavanaugh told the panel that he didn’t do it, and that his word on the matter should be the end of it.

He explained while giving evidence, “I’m a judge, and I know how these things are, so when you hear evidence – under oath – that someone didn’t do the thing they are accused of, that should be the end of the matter.

“In all my time on the benches of various courts, I’ve never seen a guilty person giving evidence under oath actually deny doing the thing they’re accused of – it just doesn’t happen.

“Which is why there is no need for any further investigation, by the FBI or anyone else, because I’ve already made it clear that I was not responsible for the incident involving Dr Ford.

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“I’m not saying it didn’t happen, I’m saying it wasn’t me.  I’m really not sure what else you need to know before confirming me as a Supreme Court justice on a lifetime appointment that cannot be rescinded.

“What could an official investigation possibly reveal? More evidence? Eyewitnesses? Corroborating sources? Further allegations? None of that is relevant because I’ve told you I didn’t do it.

“Look, I know that I’m getting angry now, but that’s just because my word should be enough for everyone. You might see it as a public demonstration of a questionable temperament, but I would say the Supreme Court needs more people who are quick to anger – it would certainly put a stop a lot of the time-wasting liberal crap it has to deal with.”