Female mosquitoes hit out at sexist scientists for developing gene editing technique that only targets females

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Female mosquitoes have hit out at sexist scientists who have developed a gene therapy that doesn’t affect the male of their species whatsoever.

The development, which scientists claim might help reduce the spread of malaria in areas with a large mosquito population, is nothing but latest in a long line of examples of the patriarchy reinforcing their power over the females in the ecosystem.

Female mosquito Sharon Williams told us, “Oh, so this new development only stops the females being born, is that right? Well, there’s a bloody shock.

“Let me guess, the male mosquitoes are completely fine and not affected in any way whatsoever by the gene being edited. Am I right? Yes, of course I am.

“This is just latest in a series of sexist policies developed by so-called scientists, who are clearly just trying to keep females down.”

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However, scientists have defended the new development, insisting that their research has taken them in this direction because it’s only the females who bite humans and spread malaria.

This is an accusation which left Williams furious, and she angrily responded, “So now you are going to justify your actions by stereotyping all females as indiscriminate bloodthirsty murderers. Typical man!”

However, the male of the species has also spoken out about the new gene-editing technique, with one such mosquito telling us, “Sure, the females are all insisting that this new gene therapy could see their numbers decimated – but what about us poor males?

“We’ll literally have no-one left to shag. And no-one wants a population of incel mosquitoes.”