Lidl announce festive Yorkshire puddings the size of a child’s paddling pool

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This year’s battle for oversized festive foods is really heating up, according to reports this morning.

With Aldi revealing their intention to sell foot-long pigs in blankets over the Christmas period, budget supermarket rivals Lidl have upped the ante the only way they know how.

Ignoring the lengthy queues at every till, store manager Simon Williams took time to tell member of the press: “We didn’t want to reveal the star of our festive food line up quite so soon, but in all honesty, Aldi have forced our hand somewhat.

“So it is with immense pride that I can announce that we shall be selling Yorkshire puddings – the perfect side accompaniment to a roast dinner at any time of year, but especially Christmas – that will be the largest ever seen. They will be so big they will frankly make Aldi’s footlong pigs in blankets look a bit puny and pathetic.

“The giant Lidl Yorkshire pudding will be five feet in diameter and will happily hold two-hundred gallons of gravy – all for just £3.50, it will also be ready-made, so all you will need to do is heat it up in a microwave – if you have one big enough to squeeze it into – or alternatively you could just use a hairdryer to warm it up a bit.”

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Customer Christopher James responded, “I’ll be buying one or two, despite them looking suspiciously like one of their actual paddling pools covered in batter.

“It’s a much better idea than football sized Brussel sprouts, however it may taste.”

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