Labour insists People’s Vote should be between catastrophic no-deal Brexit and catastrophic Brexit deal

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Bolstering their supply and demand coalition with the Torys and DUP, the Labour party leadership have today announced that any People’s Vote should omit the option to remain, and only allow the people a choice between two potentially catastrophic outcomes.

Labour is ruling out the option to remain in the EU, dismissing it as ‘likely to be popular with the voting public’.

Speaking on Radio 4’s Today Program, shadow chancellor John Macdonell said, “Labour is the most democratic political party in the country, and today we have proven that by acknowledging that 9 out of 10 of our party members are in favour of a Peoples Vote – we are acknowledging it, and then ignoring it.

“It is still our policy to push for a general election in the event parliament votes down any deal the prime minister brings back from the EU; however, if we fail to get that general election then all options remain on the table – well, all options except the one that really matters to our members.

“By offering the public a People’s Vote with just these two options, we can ensure a catastrophic outcome and deny them the option to think again about whether they still wish to leave the EU, now they know more about what that actually means.

“In a democracy, we must respect the result of the first referendum by blindly following the Tory party into the abyss. When I say first referendum, I of course mean the one in 2016 and not 1975.

“Labour is for the many and not the few, except when it comes to Brexit and disaster capitalism.”

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