50% of UK’s missing persons actually just waiting at Heathrow baggage carousel, finds study

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A recently published report claims that a huge proportion of the UK’s missing persons are in fact simply waiting for their luggage so they can leave Heathrow airport.

Sarah Williams’ husband Simon went missing ten months ago after a business trip to Berlin.

“I just assumed he’d left me for a German prostitute or something,” she told us.

“My parents persuaded me that for the sake of the kids I had to try to move on with my life, so we all went to Spain for a week, just to give them some fun after months of worry and despair.

“When we landed back at Heathrow there was Simon at baggage reclaim. I didn’t recognise him at first, what with his emaciated body and heavy beard, but little Archie started shouting ‘Daddy, Daddy!’ and yes, it was him!

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“’Hello love,’ he said, casual as anything. ‘Won’t be long now, they’re just about to announce what carousel my case will be on.’

“That was just over three weeks ago and none of our luggage has turned up yet. But at least we’re all together again.”

There are now theories that larger scale events could be explained by Heathrow’s inefficient baggage handling; some are even speculating that Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 did in fact land safely at Heathrow after a navigational error.

Could all 227 missing passengers really have just been staring at a ‘please wait’ message in London’s main airport for nearly five years?

Anyone who has ever passed through Heathrow agrees that yes, they definitely could.