Lying bastards furious at Emanuel Macron for pointing out that they are lying bastards

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The UK world of political fibbers erupted in fury as the French President broke protocol and openly highlighted the obvious truth that Brexit proponents were lying sacks of shit

Iain Duncan Smith, one of Britain’s most experienced liars, took to the airwaves to lambaste Emmanuel Macron.

He explained, “It’s the oldest trick in the book. Monsieur Macron is trying to distract from his domestic troubles by stating what is apparent to anyone who reads newspapers that don’t misspell headlines.

“We are a proud sovereign people and we don’t need someone with a Napoleon complex to accurately describe what we’ve been doing for years.

“Getting fucked over by people telling you what you want to hear is a cherished British tradition. My day job is telling working class people that I want to help them while obviously looking to punish them with a horrifically inefficient and cruel benefits reform that no one asked for.

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“If the British people wanted the truth, then why is my party in power?”

Mr Duncan-Smith’s position had some support with the public. Simon Williams, a retired salesman and Leave supporter, agreed that it was hugely insulting to imply he had been easily conned into doing something that would harm him.

“How dare he say such things about our leading Brexiteers? If it were true that would mean I was tricked into voting to hurt myself and my children by ruthless political manipulators who hold my intellect in such contempt they didn’t even bother coming up with plausible lies.

“So I’m going to keep accepting what they say at face value and not even do some rudimentary fact-checking.

“It’s what I do.”

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