Free packet of spice with tomorrow’s Daily Mail

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The Daily Mail is giving away a bit of drugs tomorrow.

With spice being named as the legal high that’s destroying Britain, tomorrow you can try it for yourself by purchasing the newspaper that’s destroying Britain.

“Ooh lovely,” said Hilda Fernwood, Daily Mail reader.

“I’ve heard a lot about this spice nonsense, I understand it’s not like the spices that I sometimes use in the bolognese – nothing too strong, mind you, I’m not built for exotic stuff.

“It will be good to see what all the fuss is about and be able to look down my nose at spice addicts with a real sense of credibility – plus I’ve not been properly off my tits since 1981.”

Sociologist, Simon Williams said, “This is incredibly irresponsible.

“Innocent people are being tricked into reading the Daily Mail in return for a packet of spice.”

“The public shouldn’t be allowed to get their hands on such dangerous items this easily, and they should probably avoid taking spice as well.”

I think, therefore I am (not a Daily Mail reader) – get the t-shirt!