Katie Hopkins declared morally bankrupt

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Self-publicising moron-herder Katie Hopkins has been declared morally bankrupt after the Individual Voluntary Agreement she entered into to settle her sizeable debts was unable to do anything about the vacuum where her soul should be.

The former Apprentice contestant and professional racist exciter was the subject of a moral bankruptcy order on Friday, leaving her morals in as much trouble as her finances.

Bankruptcy consultant Simon Williams told us, “When your credit card is about as unreliable as your moral compass then you have to ask yourself if you’ve made the right life choices over the years.

“Financial bankruptcy happens to thousands of people every year, so we shouldn’t judge her too harshly for her financial situation – but moral bankruptcy is much harder to achieve and takes years of dedication to repellent ideas and repugnant opinions.

“I think one thing we can probably say with a high degree of confidence is that white supremacy does not pay.

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“Well, not well enough, anyway.”

A spokesperson for the friend of the feeble-minded insisted that Hopkins has been the target of concerted attempts from the immigrant community to have her make terrible financial decisions.

They told us, “It’s not Katie’s fault, obviously. It might be the muslamic ray guns are targeting her, but whatever it is, you can guarantee this is all the fault of the brown ones who speak funny.”

However, many observers have pointed out that in today’s society moral bankruptcy is no barrier to future success.

Political student Sharon Jameson told us, “The White House is currently inhabited by a man who has been declared bankrupt more times than he’s won elections – and he’s spent his entire adult life in a state of moral bankruptcy.”

“So, if we’ve learned anything, it’s that unfortunately, she’s far from finished.”

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