Mike Read’s UKIP Calypso to get special collector’s edition reissue

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A new special four-disk collector’s edition of Mike Read’s seminal 2014 classic UKIP Calypso is to be released.

The special edition will include a remastered version of the racist classic, along with several dance remixes that beggar belief and a live performance of the song recorded in the back room of a pub festooned with Union Jacks on the outskirts of Clacton.

Fans will also get session outtakes, a special ten-minute chat from Mike about why singing the song in a poor-quality Jamaican accent isn’t racist, but is actually an homage, and several anti-French football chants.

“This is the big one,” said UKIP Calypso fan and certifiable maniac Simon Williams.

“There’s been a lot of rumours going around that Mike was sitting on a treasure trove of extra UKIP Calypso material, but four disks worth is beyond my wildest dreams.

“I think the most exciting thing is disk three which is the ‘BBC bias remix,’ that’s a 52-minute version of UKIP Calypso interspersed with samples of Nigel Farage complaining about how the BBC is biased against him because they didn’t invite him on the One Show.

“It’s also got the ‘Dance Mix,’ a special mix of the song that was released solely to DJs and only didn’t become a huge club hit because of, you know, the leftist conspiracy and everything.

“I bloody can’t wait.”

‘UKIP Calypso: 2018 collector’s edition’ will be available later this year for £89.99 on Amazon and branches of HMV and then, a week or so later, for £4.99 from those baskets by the tills in ‘The Works.’