Brexiteers furiously debating who they will blame for their own stupidity

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While the nation and the Tory party are being ripped apart over Brexit, rifts have also developed among Leave supporters about who they will accuse when the disastrous and predictable consequences of their ridiculous policy grind the UK to a halt.

The long-held orthodoxy, that faceless EU bureaucrats were sabotaging Brexit because of burning jealousy towards British greatness, has been under strain recently as diverging factions have come forward with new alternative scapegoats.

Simon Williams, an unemployed twitterati from Crawley, claimed new thinking was needed when selecting a target when all the dire events predicted by remainers come to pass.

He explained, “We need to look abroad for inspiration. The old trope of bonkers Brussels bureaucrats is getting stale and won’t wash with young tech-savvy xenophobes.

“Let’s face it, Barnier looks a lot more grounded and charismatic than anyone on our side. No, we need to look across the Atlantic for guidance. That’s why I will be railing about globalist elites when they close the local hospital. And by that, I mean the Jews.”

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Others looked closer to home. Amanda Tinnock, a retired accountant from Kettering, said she would be blaming “that smug family from across the road.

“Essentially I voted Leave because they campaigned for Remain and I resent their youth, their success, their happiness and the fact they swan around without being terrified of foreigners.

“Best day of my life was seeing them cry when the results came in. So I’m going to say they and other remoaners undermined what was going to be a brilliant success.

“It will make our rationed margarine taste better.”

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