Richard Branson’s Instagram post about importance of punctuality mostly read by commuters on delayed Virgin trains

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A post by Richard Branson on Instagram on the importance of individual punctuality has mostly been read by frustrated commuters sitting in one of his delayed trains.

According to reports, the post which showed Branson running for a meeting alongside the caption “There’s very little that annoys me in life, but people turning up late really does. Punctuality shows organisation and respect for others.” was mostly read by unlucky commuters on the 27% of Virgin trains that ran behind time yesterday.

“Yes, it is a worthy reminder of the importance of punctuality, sure,” conceded disgruntled commuter, Simon Williams, waiting for his delayed train to arrive at his destination so he wouldn’t be too late for his next meeting.

“But perhaps His Royal Beardyness hasn’t quite grasped the concept that nine times out of ten someone’s lateness isn’t due to a lack of effort on their part, but is actually due to being let down by the transport infrastructure they are forced to use due to a lack of alternatives.

“Since Virgin took over the East Coast franchise, to pick one such transport company at complete random for example, punctuality has dropped to just 73% – so I think perhaps them taking some share of the blame for an individual’s lack of punctuality might be in order.”

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Sources close to Richard Branson have confirmed that he is running for his meeting in the photograph because the Virgin trains service he used to take him into London was delayed and he didn’t want to risk being late for his own meeting.

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