Nation united in belief that people who shout at the children of MPs are massive twats

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The nation is finally united behind the common belief that the sort of person that shouts at the children of an MP, regardless of that MP’s political beliefs, is clearly a massive bellend.

After Jacob Rees-Mogg was accosted by a class activist who then directed questions and comments at his children who were stood by his side, everyone has concluded the activist is a dick.

Voter Simon Williams told us, “If you want to follow Jacob Rees-Mogg on his walk to work, using increasingly creative ways to call him a soulless ghost of a Victorian workhouse owner, or the anachronistic forebear of the British Handmade’s Tale, then you have complete my blessing – but if you point a single word of invective, just one, at his children, then you instantly become a massive, irredeemable twat.

“The kids are off limits, any fucking imbecile knows that – how damaged do you have to be to think shouting at someone’s children will advance your political argument?

“Has anyone, in the history of society, ever been persuaded to support a cause, of any kind, after seeing someone shout abuse in the direction of a child? The poor kid has got enough to contend with being raised by Walter the Softy in a double-breasted suit – leave them alone.”

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Rees-Mogg himself laughed off the incident, making himself almost likeable in the process. However Williams still believes he, too, is a prick.

He went on, “The activist didn’t get the reaction he wanted, though to be fair, he has achieved something previously considered impossible. He’s made Jacob Rees-Mogg an object of public sympathy.

“Way to go you fucking arsehole.”