‘Mum is typing…’ displayed on WhatsApp for fifth consecutive hour

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A parent is taking forever to respond on a messaging app, according to reports this afternoon.

The mother, believed to be in her fifties, has apparently been typing a message for several hours in response to an incredibly straightforward message from her son about the coming weekend.

Christopher James, who has grown increasingly frustrated with his mother’s attempted use of technology over the years told us, “I’d like to say this is a one-off, but this of thing is happening with depressing regularity.

“She had asked me how my day had been and all I’d said was ‘Cheers, had a good day at work. Won’t be around this weekend, hope you have a good one, though!’ and for the last four and a bit hours my WhatsApp has been showing ‘Mum is typing…’ so this must be her longest reply yet.

“I even made sure that there wasn’t any sort of question in my message so that she wouldn’t need to send me a reply, because I know she doesn’t enjoy using the small keyboard on her phone – so I have no idea what’s going to come back when she eventually finishes writing her reply.”

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As we were talking to him, Christopher’s phone buzzed, and after glancing at the message he told us, “Here we go, it says ‘OK love, have fun xx’. And that’s it.

“Well, that was definitely worth the wait.”