Burning your Nike trainers in protest ‘a great way to get out of going running’

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Local Man Simon Williams has used the outcry over Nike’s latest advert as an excuse to burn his trainers so he doesn’t have to go running any more.

Simon, whose girlfriend bought him a pair of running shoes for his birthday because ‘he looked like he could do with a bit of exercise’, claimed to be ‘outraged’ over Nike’s new advertising campaign and set light to the shoes before settling back in front of the television with a tube of Pringles.

“That advert thing they did,” he told us without actually knowing much about it.

“I saw it reported and I was totally so angry about rights or free speech or something like that. I had to show my protest in a meaningful way.

“Burning the running shoes – which had already been paid for and Nike already had the money –  was absolutely, totally the best way of registering my deep displeasure at whatever it is that I’m now angry about.”

Friends said that Simon’s protest was undermined by the video of the fire he posted to Facebook, which originally had the caption ‘Fuck running’ before being edited to ‘Free speech!’.