White House advertises internship focussed solely on gathering quotes that the President isn’t an idiot

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White House officials have revealed that they are spending so much time gathering quotes to release to the press insisting that the President is not an idiot, that they have been forced to hire someone specifically for the role.

With the White House communications office now spending upwards of 40% of each day denying accusations that Donald Trump is an idiot, it is believed the internship will require a hard-working, dedicated patriot who doesn’t mind doing the same thing over and over again, every single day.

“Stressing to the public that the President is not an idiot is incredibly important work in service of the nation, that will definitely get the visibility of the Commander in Chief,” explained the White House recruiting officer.

“Rest assured that nothing is more important to this President than people not thinking he’s an idiot. Literally nothing.

“So, as you can imagine, if you can do a good job of getting people to say Donald Trump is not an idiot, then the chances for advancement inside this administration are limitless.”

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Fox news anchors have welcomed the move, saying it will be good for all of America.

As one told his many Trump supporting viewers this afternoon, “We are delighted that the President is looking to hire someone to take over all the hard work associated with denying that he is an idiot, so he can get back to running the country.

“Obviously he has had to spend a lot of time denying he’s an idiot in the last two years, but that should be a thing of the past once the new role is filled. He truly is making America great again!”

Applicant Jack Williams told us, “Yeah, the interview went pretty well, but it’s abundantly clear that everyone in there definitely thinks he’s an idiot.”