It’s not too late to save thing I am doing everything in my power to distance myself from, insists Boris Johnson

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Brexit can still be saved, according to the man who has done everything within his power to distance himself from it.

Former Foreign secretary Boris Johnson spoke out about the failing Brexit process, insisting it was not too late, but only if it was handled better from this point forward.

Johnson explained to those willing to sit and listen to him, “Brexit looks like it’s failing badly, but it’s not too late to save it, it can still be a resounding success – which is, of course, easy for me to say now that I’m a thousand miles away from having any influence over it whatsoever.

“I get it, some people will point out that I held one of the great offices of state, was involved as a senior figure in the Leave campaign, and I sat right there in the room as a senior cabinet member when the government’s Brexit position was agreed – but that doesn’t mean any of this is my fault.

“Far from it. Just because you called for something to happen, took a top job to help make it happen, and agreed with how it should happen, doesn’t mean you get blamed when it all goes tits up.

“If anything, it shows that I have been able to learn the wrong way to do it. You could say I’m something of an expert in the worst way to handle Brexit – which would count for something if we listened to experts. Which we don’t. So it doesn’t.

“Anyway, we all know it’s now just a matter of time. Right?”

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